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American Studies

office of international programs

The field of American Studies has taken an international turn in recent years in response to the recognition that American culture is significantly shaped not only by immigration but also by the increasing pace and complexity of globalization.  One effect of these changes has been the new importance placed upon studying American culture from perspectives afforded by vantage points outside the United States.  At the same time, American Studies programs in other countries have flourished.  Accordingly, BC's American Studies program now accepts some courses taken abroad in fulfillment of the requirements of the minor.
The procedure is this:  American Studies minors planning to study abroad who identify courses focused on American culture that they want to take should inform the director of American Studies of their course selections, forwarding course descriptions or syllabi as soon as they can.  If the director determines that a course fits the student's program of study within the minor (it may depend on his or her chosen area of concentration within the minor), *one* course per semester abroad can be counted toward the minor, provided it's not also being counted toward the student's major.  In extraordinary circumstances, the director will consider counting more than one course per semester toward the minor.


Program Contacts
Director of Minor & Course Approvals      
Carlo Rotella, Professor


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