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Political Science

office of international programs

Study abroad is an excellent way for Political Science majors to gain a comparative and cross-cultural perspective on politics. Study abroad is encouraged by the Department, so long as students have prepared themselves with a strong academic background and choose their study-abroad location with care, to assure that the courses taken abroad meet the Department's expectations with respect to quality and content.

When Can I Study Abroad?
Political Science majors can study abroad in the fall or spring semesters of their junior year. Some of the strongest programs for political science are full year programs, which are compatible with the major but require early planning.

What Classes Should I Take Before Studying Abroad?
Early planning is essential to make sure that students will meet all BC requirements, and to ensure that they will have a strong Political Science background for study abroad. Since most international education systems require a higher degree of specialization at an earlier level, this strong background will allow students to take advantage of the best offerings at the host institution, including upper-level seminars. 

Before going abroad, Political Science majors must complete the major’s two introductory course requirements. In addition, students are also strongly encouraged to have completed two courses in their major prior to study abroad. Political Science students should have a 3.2 GPA in their major to be approved for study abroad.

What Classes Should I Plan To Take Abroad?
The ideal type of course is one that fits with the Political Science major but is not available at BC. Courses that focus on the region in which students are studying and those that reflect the academic strengths of the host university department are highly recommended.

No more than two courses are accepted toward the major during a single semester abroad. For students studying abroad for the entire year, a maximum of four courses may be accepted. These are counted as elective credits only, and cannot be applied toward the department’s requirement that all majors take at least one course in each of the Political Science subfields. 

Students must receive department approval on courses before taking them abroad. The department reserves the right to reject courses taken abroad if they do not meet department standards. 

What If I Am Planning To Do An Honors Thesis?
Students planning to do a senior thesis in the Political Science Honors Program need to contact Prof. Timothy Crawford. Students planning to do a senior thesis in the Arts & Sciences Honors Program need to contact the Director of the A&S Honors Program. Students should keep in touch with their advisor while abroad.


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Course Approvals and Study Abroad Advising                                                                   

Kenji Hayao, Associate Professor


Course Approvals and Study Abroad Advising   

Jennie Purnell, Associate Professor


Director of Undergraduate Studies 
Timothy Crawford, Associate Professor