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Computer Science Majors and Minors

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When Can I Study Abroad?
Computer Science majors are eligible to study abroad during either the fall or spring semester of their junior year. For students who plan ahead, it may be possible to study abroad for an entire academic year, but students must be in early contact with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

What Classes Should I Take Before Studying Abroad?
Early planning is essential to make sure that students will meet all BC requirements, and to ensure that they will have a strong computer science background for study abroad. Since most international education systems require a higher degree of specialization at an earlier level, this strong background will allow students to take advantage of the best offerings at the host institution, including upper-level seminars. 

Ideally, all Computer Science majors (BA and BS) should have taken:

  • CSCI 1101: Computer Science 1
    or CSCI 1103: Computer Science 1 Honors
  • CSCI 1102: Computer Science 2
  • CSCI 2244: Randomness and Computing
  • CSCI 2243: Logic and Computation
  • CSCI 3383: Algorithms
  • CSCI 2272: Computer Organization
  • CSCI 2271: Computer Systems

For BS Computer Science majors, please refer to the above list and also take the following courses before studying abroad:

  • CSCI 2267: Technology and Culture
  • CSCI 3372: Computer Architecture

All Computer Science majors must meet with their departmental advisor before studying abroad. Prior to this meeting, students should obtain their degree audits and map out a tentative schedule for the semester(s) abroad and for the remaining time on campus at Boston College to show how students plan to meet the remaining major requirements. 

What Classes Should I Plan To Take Abroad?
Students are encouraged to select several computer science classes abroad in case courses are cancelled or have limited enrollment. All courses should be approved prior to studying abroad. Specific courses must be approved in the departments responsible for those courses (i.e. Computer science courses must be approved by the computer science department, math courses must be approved by the math department, etc.).

The ideal type of course is one that fits with the computer science major but is not available at BC. For example, students are encouraged to take courses involving a research area not offered in the BC Computer Science department. Students can also choose humanities courses for elective credit, or fulfill university requirements as long as they plan ahead.

To receive major credit for courses taken abroad, students must provide a course syllabus and obtain approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Typically, classes reflecting another research area will count as 3000-level computer science electives.

Computer Science students should note that the department allows a maximum of three courses to be taken abroad, with department approval. 


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