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Chemistry Majors and Minors

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When Can I Study Abroad?
Chemistry majors are eligible to study abroad during either the fall or spring semester of their junior year. It is imperative that students plan ahead and be in early contact with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Various BC summer programs are also offered every year in which students may participate as early as the summer after freshman year, and as late as the summer after senior year.

Should I Study In A Foreign Language Destination?
Even if students have already met the BC language requirement, they are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a foreign language destination. However, the department does not recommend that students take chemistry courses in a foreign language.

For students who do not have language skills, there are several prestigious BC programs in non-English speaking countries that offer excellent courses in English.

What Classes Should I Take Before Studying Abroad?
Early planning is essential to make sure that students will meet all BC requirements and to ensure that they will have a strong chemistry background for study abroad.

All Chemistry majors should take the following courses prior to study abroad:

  • General Chemistry, CHEM1109-1110 or CHEM1117-1118 and lab
  • Organic Chemistry, CHEM2231-2232 or CHEM2241-2242 and lab
  • Analytical Chemistry, CHEM3351 and lab
  • Inorganic Chemistry, CHEM222 and lab
  • Calculus, MATH1T102-1103 and MATH2202
  • Physics, PHYS2200-2201 and lab

Exceptions must be approved by the department.

All Chemistry majors must meet with their academic advisor as early in their sophomore year as possible in order to plan for studying abroad. 

What Classes Should I Plan To Take Abroad?
Students are encouraged to take courses that fulfill university core, chemistry electives, or general elective credit. It is recommended that students take chemistry major requirements at BC. However, exceptions are possible where appropriate and can be discussed with the faculty advisor.

To receive major credit for courses taken abroad, students must provide a course syllabus and obtain approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Prior to this meeting, students should have met with their academic advisor and mapped out a tentative schedule for the semester(s) abroad and for the remaining time on campus at Boston College.

Chemistry students should remember that the department allows a maximum of one courserequired course for the major  per semester to be taken abroad with department approval.

What If I Plan To Pursue Independent Research?
Students who are planning to participate in independent research are strongly urged to plan ahead. Students are advised to identify a BC faculty member willing to supervise their research and to explore how study abroad will impact their ability to participate in research.

Credit for research completed abroad must be pre-approved by the department.


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