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Photo of a gargoyle overlooking France

France has captured the hearts of millions, mesmerizing travelers, artists, and academics alike for hundreds of years. Whether the food, the art scene, or the intellectual exploration that characterizes French culture, France has much to offer students for their time abroad. From learning the language, one of the most widely spoken in the world, to investigating the far-flung effects of French policy on business and politics alike, a study abroad experience in France will leave BC students equipped with skills and experiences that truly make them citizens of the world.

BC Programs- Semester & Academic Year

BC in Paris

BC students wishing to study in France for a semester or academic year have the opportunity to study at one of six different universities through the BC in France, Paris office, all of which offer excellent academic programs and access to the French capital. Each student participates in the BC in Paris program while attending the majority of their courses at their individual institution. For more information about each specific university, including language requirements, subject areas and dates, please click on the individual links below.

BC in Paris is split into a French language and an English language track and student eligibility for each university is dependent on their current French level.  Some host universities offer courses in both English and French and students on the French Track will be required to take a certain number of courses in French.  Details are on the individual university program pages linked below.

Speak to an OIP Advisor

In preparation for your study abroad in France, you will work with a Boston College OIP Advisor who specializes in this country and in BC's programs there. Your advisor will help guide you through the application and pre-departure process, as well as act as your main contact with BC while abroad. For students studying abroad in France, your advisor is Victoria Garcia.

To find out more information about this program, or to schedule an appointment please click here.

Currency in France

Like other members of the European Monetary Union (EMU), France’s currency is the euro.

It is important to remember that euros and US dollars are not equal and students should consult a currency conversion calculator.

Photo of French villa

Current Events & News Resources

In preparation for your time in France, you should familiarize yourself with the current events and contemporary issues facing the French Republic. By knowing about your host country before you arrive, you are making yourself a more informed traveler, a more receptive student and a better prepared individual. It is also helpful to know about your host country so you can pack correctly. Following these and other news sources will be of great value in preparing you for your time abroad.

Language & Customs

Although English instruction is fairly widespread in France, the official language of the French Republic is French, and most people prefer to use their native language. Students should be prepared to rely primarily on their French language skills while abroad.

French customs may be very different than many in the United States. It is best to familiarize yourself with acceptable practices before you arrive in the country. Some tips for successful cultural integration may be found here.

Visa Information

Students must first register with CampusFrance, an organization housed in the French Embassy in Washington D.C. This will begin the student visa process. You should begin this process as soon as you have your passport and have been accepted into your program as it can take up to 9 weeks to complete.

To locate the appropriate consular office and the required student visa documents, you should consult the Consulate General of France on their website. Students applying for visas for the fall semester/full year may apply for their visa in the home consular jurisdiction. Otherwise, students must apply at the Boston French Consulate. Start this process as soon as possible as it sometimes takes several weeks to gather the necessary documents. Please refer to the French consulate website for the most up-to-date information on obtaining a student visa. Requirements may be different at each consulate.