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Italian hillside with homes

Situated on a boot-shaped peninsula between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas, Italy has had a global impact for over two thousand years through its art, architecture, scientific discoveries, music, literature, and cuisine. The country surrounds Vatican City, the sovereign territory of the Catholic Church. The splendors of Italy’s Renaissance art and architecture are only rivaled by the country’s beautiful landscapes and distinct regions. Italy today is a world leader in industrial design, architecture, and high fashion. It offers a myriad of opportunities to delve into the past and explore contemporary life in a variety of settings.

BC Programs - Semester & Academic Year

Boston College students wishing to spend a semester or year in Italy have many options. BC study abroad locations include Milan, one of Italy’s largest cities and a global business and financial center, as well as the smaller cities of Parma and Venice, where students can easily navigate their surroundings. Students can choose from full immersion programs at comprehensive institutions, such as the University of Parma or Bocconi University, or smaller, tailored programs at Venice International University and Istituto Dante Alighieri in Parma. All programs offer English-taught courses.

BC Programs-Summer

Boston College students looking for a summer study abroad program in Italy may choose from a number of programs diverse as our semester offerings. Students seeking the big city life of the Italian capital of Rome can enter the exciting world of the interplay of politics and religion, or the aesthetics and relationships involved in Baroque art. Students wishing to study in Parma can choose between an intensive Italian language course and one focusing on an important piece of Italian culture – food. Venice is also a summer option for those students wishing to study studio art in the footsteps of master artists. No matter what students’ academic and personal interests entail, they will find a suitable program in Italy.

Please visit our Summer Programs Page to learn about current offerings.

Approved External Programs

Boston College has over 60 BC programs around the world. To accommodate those students who would like to study in a country or a city in which BC currently does not offer a program or need tailored programs for certain majors, the Office of International Programs has compiled the following list of approved external programs.

Please note that if Boston College has a contractual agreement with an institution abroad, BC students may attend that institution only through a BC program and not through direct enrollment or through another college, university or independent organization.

All external programs in Italy will be capped at 30 BC students per semester. If you have questions please contact the OIP Advisor for Italy.

Speak to an OIP Advisor

In preparation for your study abroad in Italy, you will work with a Boston College OIP Advisor who specializes in this country and in BC's programs there. Your advisor will help guide you through the application and pre-departure process, as well as act as your main contact with BC while abroad. For students studying abroad in Italy, your advisor is Nicholas D'India.

To find out more information about this program, or to schedule an appointment please click here.


Currency in Italy

As a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, the official currency of Italy is the Euro. American currency is not widely accepted and it would be wise for you to exchange your dollars for euros, or to use an ATM to pull euros from your bank account. It is important to remember that euros and dollars are not equal, however, and students should consult a currency conversion calculator.


Current Events & News Resource

In preparation for your time in Italy, you should familiarize yourself with the current events and contemporary issues facing the Italian Republic. By knowing about your host country before you arrive, you are making yourself a more informed traveler, a more receptive student and a better prepared individual. It is also helpful to know about your host country so you can pack correctly. Following these and other news sources will be of great value in preparing you for your time abroad.

Corriere della Sera

Il Gazzettino

News on Italy

Gazzetta di Parma (Parma)


Language & Customs

The official language of Italy is Italian, with French, German, and Slovene all being represented in certain parts of the country as a secondary language.

Customs and traditions in your host country are different from those at home. To learn a little about the local customs and traditions you may want to visit this website.


Visa Information

In order to study in Italy, you must have a passport (valid at least 6 months beyond your estimated return date) and a student visa. You may apply for a passport at any major US post office, but you must apply for your visa at either the Boston Consulate or the consulate nearest your permanent residence. Please visit the Italian consulate’s website for the most up to date information regarding the student visa application process.