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International Excellence Awards 2016

Office of International Programs/McGilluddy-Logue Center For Undergraduate Global Studies


The International Excellence Awards were first started as part of Boston College's International Education Week in 2014. They serve to recognize the dedication to international education of a student, a faculty member, and a staff member at Boston College. Recipients are chosen by the Office of International Programs and the McGillycuddy-Logue Center for Undergraduate Global Studies for their outstanding contributions that foster greater global awareness within the Boston College community.


Here are the 2016 International Excellence Award recipients:

Student Recipient: Andrew Boyce


"Andrew Boyce is a senior physics major who studied abroad in spring 2015 at the Complutense University of Madrid. He is a presidential scholar from Mendon, New York. Not only is Andrew a strong student, he also has also embraced the Jesuit ideals of social justice by volunteering at Project Bread’s Foodsource, where he worked on a hotline that provided information about food pantries and food assistance programs. He also taught English to adult learners at the Educational Development Group, an organization that seeks to prepare new immigrants with the skills needed to access educational and employment opportunities in the US.  

Andrew is something of a rarity at BC: a hard sciences major who studied in his second language. Many science students who go on our programs build their schedules so that they will not have to take a class in their major abroad. Andrew, however, dove right in and took a physics class with Spaniards --Atmospheric Physics -- and did exceedingly well.

This, among his other qualities, left a lasting impression on our long-time Madrid coordinator Ana Pelaez. She said that Andrew was an intelligent, kind and well-rounded student who made the most of his time in Spain. He went out of his way to help Ana with anything she needed and always had a smile on his face.

Spain also left a lasting impression on Andrew. Some of his favorite memories involve his host family – a cellist for the Madrid opera named Milagro Silvestre and her son Martín. Andrew said his host family helped him forge strong bonds with the city of Madrid and its people. One of the biggest perks of living with Milagro was the tickets he received for operas and symphonies, which he enjoyed immensely. In addition to these cultural events, Andrew also loved our coordinator’s class on the history of Spanish art. Not only could he learn about different masterpieces from an expert in the classroom, he was able to go to museums and collections around the city to see them first-hand. The Office of International Programs is proud to present Andrew with the Outstanding Student Award for 2016."

— Patrick O'Donnell
Program Manager
Advisor for Spain, Latin America, and the
Global Service and Justice Program  


Faculty Recipient: Rick Powers


"I am delighted and honored to present the Faculty Award of Excellence to Professor Rick Powers, a longtime friend and supporter of the OIP and a dedicated alumnus, who earned his BA, MA, and JD all from Boston College.  
In addition to serving as a faculty member in the Carroll School of Management’s Business Law program, Rick has taught 'Introduction to Law and the Legal Process' in Dublin, Venice, and Madrid over the past several summers.

My first meeting with Rick was back in December 2014, when he joined me and several OIP colleagues for lunch as part of my job interview at the Faculty Dining Room. Having now worked with him for the past 15 months or so, I can understand why he was a logical guest choice. Rick is unfailingly gracious, kind, and organized, which makes working with him both easy and enjoyable.

Not only is he a wonderful colleague for myself and the rest of the OIP staff, but Rick also gets high marks from his students. Almost every single student who completed an evaluation for his 2015 summer program cited him as one of the best aspects of the program, and every student answered 'Yes, definitely' when asked whether they would recommend the program to others. One student proclaimed that he was the 'Best professor I’ve had so far.'

Finally, I’ll close with the words of another student, who summed up the reason Rick is the recipient of this award: 'Professor Powers is an amazing professor and an even better person.'"

— Erin Shevlin
Summer and Internships Program Manager
Advisor for Summer and Internships

Staff Recipient: Kathy McGuinness


"This is only the second time that we have presented this award, and hopefully this is the beginning of a long tradition of acknowledging the work and dedication of fellow staff and administrators who contribute in a really important way.

The recipient of this year’s 'Outstanding Staff Member' award is someone described by colleagues at OIP as 'Always available to help a staff member or student', 'Always friendly, cheerful & professional.'

This year’s award goes to Kathy McGuinness, Director of Academic and General Service, overseeing Academic Services and General Financial and Auxiliary services at the Office of Student Services.

Kathy, We believe that you deserve this award for the time and attention that you have devoted to working with our staff and students, given your long commitment to supporting global programming on campus."

— Christina D. Hatzipetros
Associate Director,
Education Abroad Advisor for Asia, Middle East,
Southeast Europe, and Scholarships/Fellowships