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Jorge Mejía, MCAS '19 is awarded the 2018 Archbishop Oscar A. Romero Scholarship. A Political Science major with minors in Latin American Studies and History, Mejía cites several international experiences at BC that have broadened his horizons and his skill set. He is also a recipient of the McGillicuddy-Logue Travel Grant and the Omar Aggad Fellowship

Felix Lee, MCAS '19 has been awarded two prestigious scholarships for his studies at the University of Hong Kong in Fall 2018, the Fung Scholarship the Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship.

Natalee Deaette, LSOE '19 is awarded a Truman Scholarship. One of 59 winners nationwide, Deaette is regognized for her outstanding leadership potential, intellectual ability and a strong record of public service. She is also a McGillycuddy-Logue Fellow who studied abroad at American College of Thessaloniki in Greece

Fund for Education Abroad scholarship deadline is January 11, 2017. Students encouraged to meet with scholarships advisor by appointment to review essays in December or January, before the deadline. 

Read the recent Heights article on the McGillycuddy-Logue Fellows Program and check out OIP's website for more details

Learn more about what's in store for summer abroad by reading the recent Parent Update Newsletter featuring past student experiences. 

Kasandra Philipps has been awarded a merit scholarship for the BU London Internship Program for Fall 2016.

The American Councils for International Education recognized BC students Janice Li and Lindsay Paturalski for winning U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarships. Both are studying languages in Asia this summer. Read more!

Kasandra Philipps has been awarded a merit scholarship for the BU London Internship Program for Fall 2016.

Dozens of BC students received grants and scholarships to study everything from Hindi in Jaipur, India to Islamic Studies in Morocco. Read more about the scholarships and the recipients

BC student Solina Jean-Louis, who will study in Germany next spring, won a competitive scholarship awarded by the German Academic Exchange (DAAD)

The American Councils for International Education recognized BC students Janice Li and Lindsay Paturalski fro winning U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarships. Both are studying languages in Asia this summer. Read more!

OIP contributes to the University's strategic planning around global engagement.

Read about the BC Office of International Programs Faculty Seminar that took place in Turkey last summer.

Fund for Education Abroad announces 2016‐2017 FEA Scholarship Recipients. Awardees include Boston College student and BASAA Scholar John Gabelus who will study abroad in Chile this summer. 

Read The Heights', The Boston College Chronicle's and The Gavel's coverage of the Feb. 12 Boston Intercultural Skills Conference and its focus on improving intercultural learning for students studying abroad. #BISCboston

Boston College Ireland's "Gallipoli" website has won a 2015 Eircom Spider Award for Best in News, Publishing and Entertainment. The website highlights the Gallipoli campaign in World War I. In October the website also won a 2015 Realex Payments Web Award for Best Arts and Culture Website.

Learn more about study abroad and LGBTQ issues with the Spring 2016 Rainbow SIG newsletter. This edition includes an article on BC and its LGBTQ outreach efforts. 

Prospective and returning students: get involved in the Conversation Partner Program.

The Heights has published an article, "Eagles Overseas: A Look At Study Abroad Trends" that examines the common threads between most study abroad experiences of Eagles Abroad.

Student Voices

BC News highlights the theology summer program in Rome! Learn more about the program today.

The new Omar A. Aggad Fellowship program awarded six grants in its inaugural application round to students to conduct research projects in the Islamic World.

Boston College student Kelsey Connors writes about her experience learning as a group in Venice this summer in The Heights. 

Check out McGillyCuddy-Logue recipient Robin Kim's video about studying abroad in South Africa this past summer. 

Students Claire Oh (Seoul National University) and Stephanie Scanzillo (University of Otago) awarded Benjamin Gilman Scholarships to study abroad in Spring 2017. Claire Oh was also nominated to receive the Freeman-Asia Scholarship.

Students Lauren Valentine (Geneva), Zachary Wilner (Dublin) and Elisabeth Drew-Bear (London) awarded BU Study Abroad Grants and Scholarships for Spring 2017.

photo of 2018 Spring Haifa students


"Leaving my comfort zone...  The unfamiliarity motivates me to bring my A game on a daily basis, and I’ve been having a blast relearning how to be a college student."

Josh Artman, Haifa, Israel

Student at Jagiellonian University in Poland

The Krakow Chronicles

Poland: land of pierogies, Chopin, and the Chwazik clan. My long-lost pilgrimage to the Motherland. Although my primary purpose while I’m there is to study political science at Jagiellonian University, who knows what’ll happen?
Hayley Chwazik-Gee, Krakow, Poland

Opinion: Coping with Tragedy from Abroad

"We have the unique opportunity to be completely self-involved and live in the moment"
Jenna Laconte, in "The Gavel"

Student Alexandra Lewis in Cape Town

Journey to Suid-Afrika

"It’s pretty surreal, and I am totally excited and terrified. But I’ve now been here for two days; it is officially the start of my adventure."
Alexandra Lewis, Cape Town, South Africa

Photo of student Josh Reed in Dublin

New Egypt to Dublin

"I have to say UCD has done a great job of making sure there is always something to do, it's just a matter of being aware and taking the initiative to take advantage of it."
Josh Reed, Dublin, Ireland

Student James Sasso in Parma

Blog from Parma

"Italy gave me a long lasting appreciation of the ability to converse."
James Sasso, Parma, Italy

BC to Explore Study, Research in Turkey: A group of eight faculty traveled to the Republic of Turkey in June 2015 to meet with academic, political, cultural and religious leaders as part of an Office of International Programs initiative to expand research and study opportunities for faculty and students in less frequently visited countries.

Read about BC Student Shalagh Canning's experience at SEA.

BC's Her Campus writer and Eagle Abroad Lisamarie DiOrio provides a helpful top 5 tips for preparing to go abroad! See the full post here.

BC student Faye Hubregsen published two blog posts about her time in SEA Semester on the program's website: "Bobbin' N Weavin' Aboard the Bobby C. Seamans" and "All Downwind from Here."

Student Reflections

photo of alumus Patricia

"I know it sounds cliché, but studying abroad changed my life. I guess a thing can be a cliché until you’re living it – then it becomes incredibly specific, incredibly true, incredibly yours.

I studied abroad through two different programs during my time at Boston College. First, I spent time in Paris and Strasbourg with the Presidential Scholars Program and then I studied Shakespearean Performance at Oxford with the British American Drama Academy. What strikes me now looking back on these two programs is not primarily what I learned in the classroom – though my classes were fascinating – but the way in which I learned how to think and see differently by deciding to spend time outside of my country and my own “normal.” I learned just as much in conversations over a pint or sitting silently in the quiet shade of Chartres cathedral as I did in the classroom.

I had never been out of the country before I studied abroad as a Boston College student. As a writer and an actor, I pride myself on trying to see things from another perspective, on putting myself in someone else’s shoes. Living and learning in other countries opened my mind in ways I didn’t know it needed to be opened – exposing me to different ways of approaching art, to ways of uniting countries that had been at war not that long ago, to priorities and philosophies that were different from the ones I had always taken for granted as “truth.” Traveling abroad also gave me the incredibly humbling perspective of walking through thousands of years of palpable history.  And it gave me so many more stories to tell.

Our world is getting smaller all the time. I don’t think we can afford to believe any of us have a monopoly on the truth, on culture, on right or wrong, or on what it means to live a good life. I think what the world needs from us now is to listen to each other – to keep expanding our minds by seeking out ways to open them. Studying abroad is a wonderful gift and opportunity to do just that."

- Patricia Noonan, Boston College Class of 2007
Learn more about Patricia and the BC study abroad programs.