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Conference Card Program Information

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The Conference Card program will have some major changes forthcoming as a result of implementing needed internal controls and to meet IRS tax requirements.   All existing conference plans will end on May 31, 2017.  Any funds remaining on a Conference Card that was funded during this fiscal year will be returned back to the department’s 2017 budget.

The new procedures for the Conference Card program  will require completion of a new application, definition of the program and business purpose, and authorization/sign off from a department administrator.   There will be no carry forward of unused balances at fiscal year-end (May 31).   Through May 1 of any fiscal year plan holders may request refunds of any unused conference card funds.  These refunds can only be made to the chart string charged when setting up the conference card.  At the end of each fiscal year, any remaining balances on conference cards will be returned back to the department budget.   A new account (68160-Conference Card) has been established to identify the activity.  This account will still budget check to 64001 – General.

In order to maintain or receive a Conference Card for use beginning June 1, 2017, a department administrator will need to complete a Conference Plan Application and submit it to Auxiliary Services no later than May 1.  Both Auxiliary Services and the Controller’s Office will review the application and determine if a conference plan is appropriate. This form and more detailed instructions can be found here.

For individual or ad hoc department usage, the Purchasing Card should now be used.  All Dining units can accept the P-Card as a form of payment.  As a reminder, the Purchasing Card is only to be used for University business related costs.  Documentation as to the nature of the business expense and attendees will need to be provided, along with the register receipt, and maintained by the appropriate department P-Card administrator.

As the Conference Card program continues to be evaluated, further changes may be forthcoming.     


What is a Conference Card?
A Conference Card is a department funded debit card which makes it easy for departments to pay for University related business meals and functions on campus. This includes all campus dining halls, the Faculty Dining Room and Eagle Express services.

Conference Plans, funded from operational budgets, are intended for business use in the same year as the budget year from which the funds are accessed. Expenditures from a conference plan are for university business purposes only. Card balances will not be carried from one year to the next. Per IRS guidelines retention of receipts is the responsibility of the department or cardholder. Purpose and attendees must be documented and accounted for. Conference Card transactions are subject to Boston College Internal Audit scrutiny and abuses can result in the forfeiture of funds on a conference plan and reductions in future budget allocations.

Need to check the balance on your Conference Card?
If you have a Conference Card, but are unsure whether or not it is funded, please email or call 552-6650 and ask for us to check the balance on your card. Please have your 8-digit card number available.

Need to request a Conference Card for your department or organization?
If your department or organization is in need of conference cards for business-related purposes, please complete our Conference Plan Application and email it back to us at Both Auxiliary Services and the Controller's Office will review the application and determine if a conference plan is appropriate.

Outside groups visiting campus
If your organization is making a visit to campus and would like to fund a conference card for your group, please send an email to us at You will be asked to send a check to us before your arrival on campus. After your visit we will send you a refund check for any remaining balance over $5.