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University-Wide Competencies

boston college university-wide performance competencies/attributes

The University-wide performance attributes/competencies describe what effective performance looks like at Boston College. They are used throughout the performance management process and apply to all employees. Along with these attributes/competencies, employee performance must support the unique mission of Boston College as reflected in our Ignatian tradition described below. By upholding this tradition, the values of the University are strengthened.

Ignatian Tradition

As reflected in our University mission and in employees' demonstration of the performance attributes/competencies.

  • Demonstrates a professional and personal care for others: colleagues, staff, faculty, students.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to work with others, to promote the common good of the operation and to take responsibility for the services that the department provides.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to develop new skills and to contribute to the development of the entire operation.
  • Demonstrates a social concern for others and accepts that he/she represents the value of the University to the wider community.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to learn more about the founding values of Boston College and how these influence the vision today.

University-Wide Performance Attributes/Competencies

Big-Picture Perspective

Responds to major issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the University
Demonstrates understanding of University mission, structure, culture, and constituencies
Demonstrates knowledge of own department's work activities and mission; understands how own job impacts work of department
Considers financial impact to the University of own work activities and decisions


Openness to Change

Responds positively to changes in the University and the workplace
Initiates and/or incorporates new work methods, processes, and technology
Demonstrates flexibility in responding to work demands


Valuing Diversity

Promotes work environment that values diversity and supports appropriate behaviors in others
Demonstrates respect for the opinions and beliefs of others
Demonstrates commitment to University's Affirmative Action goals



Focuses on work activities that add value to University and department; works to eliminate work activities that do not add value
Uses resources (people, time, materials) in cost-effective manner to achieve work objectives
Plans and organizes work effectively
Accepts accountability for job performance and results


Applying Technology

Learns and uses technology applications that improve productivity
Acts as coach (as appropriate) to help others learn new technology applications
Rethinks work activities to incorporate new technologies
Secures data appropriately


Decision Making/Problem Solving

Makes and/or facilitates decisions considering impact on others and/or the University
Reaches sound decisions and exercises good judgment based on balanced consideration of facts, priorities, and alternatives
Makes decisions in agreed-upon time frame; takes initiatives to identify and resolve problems
Demonstrates ability to examine existing problems/issues in new ways


Customer Focus

Understands role of "customers" in University environment
Understands and responds quickly to needs of department and University customers
Understands how own work activities impact customers' view of University
Addresses customers' concerns with courtesy and respect; works to build a "win-win" relationship



Works effectively with others in a variety of University settings
Balances own responsibilities with interests of team and/or department; respects group goals
Shares knowledge, responsibilities, and expertise with others easily and frequently
Demonstrates positive influences within groups/teams in which she/he participates



Uses communication tools effectively (e.g., presentation, verbal, writing, relationship building, negotiating, listening) to meet needs of audience and/or situation
Recognizes appropriate times to communicate and tailors communication to meet the needs and preferences of others
Shares information and accepts feedback easily and in a timely manner
Demonstrates awareness and sensitivity to others' needs in communicating and/or making decisions


Continuous Learning

Keeps current with new work methods, skills, and technologies to complete work activities
Takes ownership for own self-development and continuous learning
Applies learning from past experiences to current and future work activities


People Development

Helps to create work environment that promotes development of people
Participates fully in performance management process
Acts as teacher, mentor, and/or coach to others in a work place