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Troubleshooting Tips - Understanding Error Messages

bc apps - browser troubleshooting

Following are the error messages and issues we have encountered and their resolution (these apply only when using the Application Server through a browser - not the Citrix Receiver).


Unable to Launch Application - Certificate Error - Firefox (Windows)

ERROR: Using Firefox, you are unable to open an application and receive a certificate error (Figure 1).

RESOLUTION: Use Internet Explorer 8 or 9 to access: This should resolve the error and allow you to use FireFox in subsequent visits.

unable to launch notification
Figure 1.


Application Does Not Launch (Open) - Any Browser

PROBLEM:  Your web Browser attempts to open file: launch.ica and hangs (Figure 3).

RESOLUTION: The Citrix Client needs to be installed on the computer you are using.

Citrix Client Installation - Mac

Citrix Client Installation - Windows

file loading screens
Figure 3.


Problem Accessing Apps Storage Directly - Windows Computers not on the Domain

PROBLEM: You are unable to successfully map a drive to AppsStorage on your Windows computer that is not on the BC Domain.

  • Faculty and staff Windows BCCR computers ARE members of the BC Domain (you log into "BC").
  • Most student computers are NOT members of the BC Domain.

RESOLUTION:  When mapping a drive to, be sure to select "Connect using different credentials" and "BC\" should precede your username (example: bc\smithj) when you authenticate. View step-by-step instructions