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Working with Files on AppsStorage

bc apps

AppsStorage is the integrated storage space for BC Apps.

For the best possible performance, ITS strongly recommends that you save your files to AppsStorage when using BC Apps.

  • Your AppsStorage space will display as the L: Drive within BCApps on both Mac and Windows computers.
  • Faculty and staff can save up to 10 GB of data on AppsStorage, and students can save up to 1 GB.

AppsStorage Initialization

The very first time you open an application in BC Apps, the process to initialize your designated AppsStorage ( space occurs. Remember, you MUST launch an application first, before mapping the drive.

  • You will see a message window indicating your account is being initialized. Click OK.
  • If you get a message saying there is no storage space available, log out & log back in again.

Note to users of the original version of BC Apps: You will need to complete the initialization before you can access the AppsStorage drive directly.


Working with AppsStorage and BC Apps


Working with AppsStorage Independent of BC Apps

AppStorage can also be accessed independently of BC Apps, which will allow you to easily download/store files to be used within BC Apps (example: an SPSS syntax or data file). You may also want to move files from AppsStorage to another location or USB drive, etc.


Working with files stored locally

BC Apps applications are running on servers in the data center; accessing data on your local (own) computer will cause performance to be significantly degraded.