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Information Technology Services

ID Finder Glossary for DSOs

identity finder

This page is for Data Security Officers (DSOs) only.

Here are some terms used in the ID Finder Console:

  • Endpoint – The computer that is scanned.
  • False Positive – Data that is mistakenly marked as PII, but is not actually PII.
  • Last Poll – The last time the computer (endpoint) communicated with the ID Finder server.
  • Location – The path on the computer to the file containing the PII. Note: A single location can have many matches.
  • Match – A single instance of PII (e.g., Social Security or credit card number).
  • PII – Personally Identifiable Information.
  • Protected Match – A PII match that has been shredded, scrubbed, deleted, ignored, or otherwise dealt with.
  • Unprotected Match – A PII match that has not been dealt with and still needs to be addressed.


Looking for another glossary term?

Search for the term in the Identity Finder Console help (by the vendor).