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Student Printing

Personal Printers

If you have a wireless printer, please note that you will need to connect it to your computer using a USB cable. Wireless printers are designed to work in home network environments, and therefore won’t work wirelessly on a campus network environment. Please use a USB cable to connect your printer to your computer, instead of wireless.

Printing Policy

Students are given $15.00 of PrintBucks per semester (the equivalent of 500 black and white pages or 30 color pages) to use with public printers in libraries and computer labs on campus. For complete details, please review the Student Printing Policy.

How to Manage Your PrintBucks

Color Printing Tips

  • Documents sent to "BCColorPrintQueue" will cost $0.50 per page.
  • Color printers are only configured for single-sided printing.
  • Only print the part of the document you need in color. Use the print setup options to specify which pages in a document should be sent to the "BCColorPrintQueue".
  • Since color printing is deducted from your $15.00 Printbuck allotment, it is advisable to use it for academic purposes only.
  • If you need to print a large document in color, you may want to consult with other print service providers. On-campus, professional print services are available from Eagle Print. They provide color printing at $0.25 per page and can be used for non-academic documents.

General Printing Tips

  • When possible, print double-sided. Your quota is charged per piece of paper.
  • Printing a PowerPoint presentation? PowerPoint has an option to print six slides per page. When printed double-sided, you can print twelve slides on one sheet.
  • Only print the part of the document you need. Use the print setup options to customize which pages to print.


Remote Printing: Print to the Library or other Computer Lab printers

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Chromebooks & Tablets - currently, remote printing does not work on Chromebooks or Tablets (Android, iPad, Kindle Fire)

Remote printer locations:

  • Bapst Library
  • Center for Teaching Excellence (Carney 033b, Campion 131, O'Neill 245, O'Neill 254)
  • Corcoran Commons (2nd level)
  • Cushing
  • Educational Resource Center (ERC)
  • Fulton (MBA Lab)
  • Law School
  • Learning Resources for Student Athletes (LSRA)
  • Libraries Digital Studio - O'Neill 205
  • Maloney Hall
  • Murray House
  • O'Neill Library 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors
  • Social Work Library & GSSW
  • Student Affairs (O'Connell House, Trinity Chapel, Keyes South, Alumni Hall)
  • Theology and Ministry Library


Faculty and Staff Printing

Add a printer from the BC network

Toner Recycling