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Information Technology Services

My Favorites

Follow these steps to set up My Favorites.

  1. From the My Services page, select My Favorites from the upper right.
common services screenshot
  1. The My Favorites screen displays. Select +Add Link.
my favorites add link screen shot
  1. Select a Category from the Add BC Service Link(s) section. After selecting a Category, the Services under that category display. Select the Service(s) you want to save in your Favorites.

    Select Save.
select services screen shot

The Service(s) you selected display on the page. 

my favorites screen shot

You can also add links that are not Services to your Favorites. Select +Add Link and follow these steps.

  1. Copy the link you want to add as a Favorite.
  2. Type a Label for your link.
  3. Paste (or type) the link into the URL field.
  4. Select Save.  The link displays in your Favorites. Repeat the process for any others you want to add.
add link screen shot