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Agora Portal Frequently Asked Questions

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I logged out of one BC service and noticed it logged me out of another BC Service. Is this expected behavior?

If you’re logged into a Portal service (starts with,, or and log out, you will be logged out of other Portal services. If you need specifics, please contact the BC Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357).

Will I be automatically logged out of Agora Portal after a period of inactivity?

Yes. For security reasons, all open Portal services will log out automatically after 2 hours of inactivity.

What does it mean if a service is grayed out on Agora Portal?

If a service is grayed out, it may mean that a service in not available 24/7 or there are a few services that are dependent on third party sites (including non-BC sites). Agora Portal checks all these sites every 3 minutes and if a site is slow or not responding, then the service is temporarily grayed out for 3 minutes or until the site is available again.

How do I update my addresses, phone numbers (home, mobile, work, etc), and emergency contact?

In Agora Portal, under the "Account and Personal Info" section, click Address/Phone/Emergency Contact & follow the on screen instructions.

Why don't I appear in the Directory Search?

There are a couple of reasons why you may not be appearing in the BC Directory Search:

  • If you have not set your Privacy Preferences yet. BC requires that you review and confirm the information and the privacy indicators before releasing your information. Once you have done that, your information will be released to the General Public and/or BC Community based on what you specified in your Privacy Preferences.
  • You have set your Privacy Preferences; however, you have opted for "Total Non-Disclosure." For more information about this option, see the question below.

What is Total Non-Disclosure?

Faculty and Staff: The BC Human Resources Department requires work-related information (title, email address, work address, and work/departmental phone number) be displayed in the BC Directory, which is available to members of the BC Community who have signed in with their username and password. All information may be made unavailable to the general public. Employees who have extenuating circumstances, which in their opinion, warrants suppression of any of the work-related information described above, should contact Suzanne Lawler in the Human Resources Department at (617) 552-3336 or

Students: Total Non-Disclosure is an option available to BC students within Privacy Preferences, which allows you to conceal your identity from the rest of the BC Community and from the general public beyond BC. For those who choose this option, BC will take exceptional measures to deny knowledge of your existence to others. This service is not without its disadvantages. Some implications of selecting this option:

  • Neither your name nor details about you will show in electronic and print directories.
  • BC telephone operators will have no information about you or record of you at Boston College. Anyone calling the university, trying to contact you, will not be able to reach you unless you have told them your phone number.
  • BC administrators will not acknowledge your existence to ANYONE seeking information about you. This includes potential employers, graduate schools, loan agencies, credit card agencies, etc.
  • Your email address will differ from the normal format. It will be "" Mail sent to "" will be rejected. Therefore, you will need to notify others of your address if you want to receive email from them.
  • Some of your information will be available to select administrators and faculty, strictly for business purposes. Your instructors will be given your email address, photo, school, and class year.

Note: Selecting "No" on Total Non-Disclosure and suppressing every individual item of information is not the same thing as selecting "Yes" on Total Non-Disclosure. The University will only be able to release your name to internal inquiries and will tell the inquirer that you have suppressed your information.

How can I get an email address?

If your email address is blank in Agora Portal, then you do not have a Boston College email address. To request a BC email address, contact the BC Help Center at (617) 552-HELP (4357).

Why am I not receiving any email?

It could be that you have suppressed your email account. Please read the question below.

What happens when I suppress my email address?

If you choose to suppress your email address, your address will not appear in any printed or online directories, nor will it show up in directory searches.

Everyone else has Class Rosters/My Courses except me. How can I get one?

Boston College does not automatically release ClassMate Rosters/My Courses for you. If you wish to participate and receive class rosters, follow these steps:

  1. In Agora Portal, under the "Account and Personal Info" section, select Privacy Preferences Confirm/Review.
  2. Click Update Privacy Preferences.
  3. Next to Share With ClassMates, select Release.
  4. Enter your BC Password and click Update Preferences at the bottom of the page.
    You must wait overnight before you will see the ClassMate Roster option in your My Services menu.

How do I waive my enrollment in the BC Medical Insurance Plan?

To waive or change your Medical Insurance Plan:

  • In Agora Portal, under the "Account and Personal Info" section, click Medical Insurance & follow the on screen instructions.