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Information Technology Services

BC Directory Search Tips

tips and best practices

The BC Directory Search allows you to find contact information for people, departments, and group emails throughout the BC community. You can narrow search results to show only matching results from faculty, staff, students, or affiliates (contractors, for example).

Tips for a Successful People Search

  • People search results will show current BC students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. Alumni and applicants are not included in the BC Directory.
  • When searching for a person, you will get the best results by searching by first name and last name, putting a space between each name (John Smith).
  • Do not use middle names, initials, or suffixes (Jr., Sr., Ph. D., etc.).
  • People searches using fewer than 4 characters will return exact matches only.
  • If no exact match is found, results containing the last name will display. For example, if you searched for “Bobby Orr,” results would contain people with the last name “Orr,” and he would most likely be listed as “Robert Orr.”
  • When searching for names with apostrophes or hyphens:
    • Do not put spaces before or after apostrophes or hyphens.
    • Use the entire hyphenated name (e.g. Jones-Smith).
    • If you do not find the person you are looking for, use only the first part of the hyphenated name (e.g. Jones).
  • Search results will display a maximum of 200 names. To narrow your search results, click the "Filter" drop-down arrow to select a group from which you would like to search.

Department Search

  • Search by typing in the department name.
  • Choose the department for which you are searching. Do not use abbreviations (HR, ITS, etc.)
  • After choosing the department, the list of people in that department displays, along with their contact information.
  • From here, you can click on an individual to view his or her personal contact page, or click “View Employee Photos” to see the (available) pictures of each person in the group.

Group Email Search

  • Group Email search allows you to search by Group Email names.
  • All BC group accounts are listed.