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Information Technology Services

Visitor Network Access

temporary internet access for visitors

Boston College Visitor Network Access provides limited, temporary, unsecure Internet access for all visitors to BC. It is your responsibility to protect your computer and/or mobile device from viruses and other malicious code. Please ensure that your system's virus protection and operating system are up-to-date and active.

With Visitor Network Access, you will have access to the web, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), VPN (Virtual Private Network), SSH (Secure Shell), and NTP (Network Time Protocol). Visitor Network Access is restricted in the following ways:

  • Visitor network access ends after 24 hours. For continued access, you must re-register your computer.
  • Email can only be accessed via the web (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. will not work with Visitor Network Access).
  • Instant Messenger use, such as AIM and MSN Messenger, is not allowed.


Instructions to Connect to the Internet at BC

Learn how to connect to the Internet @ BC.


Need Help?

Contact the Technology Help Center at or by phone at (617) 552-HELP (4357).