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How to Forget "eduroam" or "BostonCollege" Wireless Network

If your device keeps trying to switch to the "BostonCollege" WiFi when you want to stay on "eduroam," delete/forget "BostonCollege" from the list of wireless networks.

Before you change your BC Password, you should "forget" or delete the "eduroam" wireless network on your mobile devices. This will help to prevent you from being locked out of your BC account, as those devices may attempt to use the old password to connect to eduroam. Learn how to connect to eduroam after you change your password.

How to delete/forget the "BostonCollege" or "eduroam" wireless network on:


Click Settings > Wi-Fi > Select and hold your finger on "BostonCollege" or "eduroam" > Select forget network.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Select the info icon next to "BostonCollege" or "eduroam" > Select Forget this Network.

If you are still having issues, you can also try this: Go to Settings > WiFi > Turn off Ask to join networks.

Mac Laptop

Go to System Preferences Network > Select Wifi on the left > Select the Advanced button > Select the BostonCollege or eduroam network from the list and then click on the minus button (-) to remove it from the list > Select OK > Select Apply.

If you are still having issues, you can also try this: Go to System Preferences > Network > WiFi. Uncheck Ask to join networks.

Windows Phone

Settings -> WiFi > In the list of Known networks, select and hold  "BostonCollege" or "eduroam" > Select Delete.

Windows Laptop

Windows 10:

  • Open Settings and then click or tap Network & Internet.
  • Click or tap Wi-Fi and then from the right pane, click or tap Manage Wi-Fi settings.
  • Scroll down to the Manage known networks section.
  • Select the BostonCollege or eduroam network and click or tap Forget.

Windows 8:

  • Access Settings and then choose the Wireless icon.
  • Right-click on the BostonCollege or eduroam network and choose Forget this Network.