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Information Technology Services

Giving Third Party (Proxy) Access to Your BC Account

you determine which services

Students can grant access to course and grade information to their parents (or advisors, friends, etc.).

  • Students have to grant access. It cannot be initiated by the parent.
  • Students can specify service access and expiration. Access can be rescinded or extended by the student at any time.
  • To give proxy access, log into Agora Portal ( and click the "Grant Third Party (Proxy) Access to My Account" link (under ACCOUNT AND PERSONAL INFO).

Currently, students can grant access to the following services:

  • View current courses and grades
  • View course history with grades

Note: More services will be added in the future.

Important: Proxy access accounts are only valid while the student has an active BC account. Boston College reserves the right to deactivate proxy access at any time.