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Information Technology Services

BC 2-Step Verification

for faculty, staff, and student employees

2-Step Verification is ONLY required when accessing the following services:

  • Change BC Password
  • Change Challenge Questions
  • Eagle VPN (starting Sept. 10, 2018)
  • PeopleSoft Financials
  • PeopleSoft HR

About BC 2-Step Verification

In response to the increasing number of phishing scams impacting the Boston College community, Information Technology Services has implemented a high-security login process for accessing certain secure services that requires two steps to verify the identify of the person logging in:

  • Verify with something you know: Login username and password.
  • Verify with something you have: A device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or landline.


• Get Started: BC 2-Step Verification
Guide to Using 2-Step Verification 
• About 2-Factor Authentication

This process, called BC 2-Step Verification, uses Duo Security technology to have users confirm their identity using another device such as a mobile phone (via text, automated phone call, or Duo Mobile App), tablet (via Duo Mobile App), or landline phone (via automated phone call). Currently, BC 2-Step Verification is only used with a few services: Change BC Password, Change Challenge Questions, Eagle VPN (starting Sept. 10, 2018), PeopleSoft HR, and PeopleSoft Financials. In the future, ITS may expand the use of 2-Step Verification to other services to help further protect BC accounts.

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Need Help?

For help with BC 2-Step Verification, contact the BC Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357) or or message us at live tech support chat (M-F 9am-5pm).