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Information Technology Services

Computing and Communication Services for Student Organizations

information technology services


BC Student Clubs are now required to develop and maintain their websites on the MyBC portal. For more information, please contact the Student Programs Office at 617-552-0050 or by email at

Mailing List Service

BCPost is Boston College's mailing list service. A mailing list, also known as a listserv, is an email-based discussion group that allows members to send an email message to a group of people using a single address. Any member of the list may send an email message to the list and it is automatically sent to all the other members of the list. Request a new list for your organization. General information about BCPost is available on the Using BCPost page.

Voicemail Boxes

Student organizations can have a voicemail box set up for their organization. This allows the organization to publish a telephone number that will not change from year to year. You must contact your Faculty Advisor and ask that a voicemail service request be made to the Technology Consultant in that area. Learn about using voicemail.