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Information Technology Services

Windows 10 S

at boston college

On May 2, 2017, Microsoft announced the release of their new operating system Windows 10 S, marketed heavily to students and educators. Windows 10 S has been "streamlined for security and superior performance" and is set to compete with the Chromebook. It is a no frills operating system that restricts installation to applications that are downloaded from the Windows Store. This allows for better security management, as you will not be able to install .exe files that may contain malware, viruses, and other malicious software.

On June 30th, Microsoft released its new Surface Laptop, equipped with Windows 10 S. More computers with Windows 10 S from Acer, HP, Asus, Dell, and Lenovo will be coming soon at a very affordable price.


What does this mean for BC?

As a higher education institution, we are anticipating an increase in devices with Windows 10 S. Unfortunately, many standard applications used at BC cannot be installed on Windows 10 S computers because they are not in the Windows Store, including UIS, Eagle VPN (Cisco AnyConnect), Pharos remote printing software, and the Microsoft Office Suite 2016. Learn which standard BC applications are not available in the Windows Store on the BC Wiki (sign-in to BC Wiki required).

Learn more about Windows 10 S at BC (sign-in to BC Wiki required).


Does BC recommend Windows 10 S?

To get full access to the applications you may need at BC, ITS recommends that you upgrade your Windows 10 S computer to Windows 10 Pro. If you want to continue using Windows 10 S, ITS recommends some workarounds for applications you many need at BC (sign-in to BC Wiki required).

Important: Once you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, there is no option to go back to Windows 10 S.


How can I upgrade my computer to Windows 10 Pro?

To upgrade without assistance:

  • You can upgrade for a fee through the Windows Store (typically $49).

To upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free:

  • Faculty & Staff: If you are interested in upgrading, please contact your Technology Consultant.
  • Students: You can bring your computer to the Walk-In Help Desk in O'Neill 316.

Important: Once you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, there is no option to go back to Windows 10 S.