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Information Technology Services

macOS Mojave (v. 10.14) at Boston College

Apple plans to release macOS Mojave (v. 10.14) commercially on Sept 24, 2018. Learn more from Apple.


What does BC Recommend?

Currently, ITS is testing this release with BC supported applications (and waiting for vendors to update their software to be compatible). Please note that Mojave (v. 10.14) has some known compatibility issues with the software and services you use on campus. Because of these incompatibilities, it may be in your best interest not to upgrade now, unless you have a specific need to use Mojave.

Some things to note about Mojave:

  • Mojave will convert your hard drive (SSDs, Fusion Drives, and Hard Disk Drives) to the new Apple File System (APFS).
  • Before you upgrade to Mojave, make sure your computer and all software is compatible with this version.

See BC's compatibility testing results and recommendations (BC Wiki sign-in required).


How do I get help with Mojave (v. 10.14)?

If you have issues with Mojave (v. 10.14), contact the Help Center (617-552-4357 or for assistance.







Tip: You should always backup your computer before you upgrade to a new operating system.