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Information Technology Services

macOS High Sierra (v. 10.13) at Boston College

Apple released macOS High Sierra (v. 10.13) commercially on September 25, 2017. Learn more from Apple.

Note: All Mac computers distributed through the BCCR program have macOS High Sierra (v. 10.13) installed on them.


What does BC Recommend?

Please note that High Sierra (v. 10.13) has some known compatibility issues with the software and services you use on campus:

  • Office 2011 is not supported on High Sierra (v. 10.13).
  • Office 2016 must be updated before upgrading to High Sierra (v. 10.13).
  • Pharos remote printing issues with macOS High Sierra (v. 10.13). You may get an error when using High Sierra to print remotely to the Library or other printers on campus. Try using another computer, such as one of the public ones in the Library.
  • When installing software downloaded from Boston College for the first time on a Mac with High Sierra 10.13 or higher, you will get an extension block alert after installation. Learn how to fix this extension block to allow software downloaded from BC to install.

Because of these incompatibilities, it may not be in your best interest to upgrade now, unless you have a specific need to use High Sierra.


How can I upgrade my computer to High Sierra (v. 10.13)?

Before you upgrade to High Sierra, make sure your computer and all software is compatible with this version. Check the macOS Application Support Grid (sign-in to BC Wiki required).

Faculty & staff

There are still some applications used on campus that are not compatible with High Sierra (v. 10.13). Please check with your TC before upgrading. For more details, visit the macOS Application Support Grid (sign-in to BC Wiki required).

  • For BC-owned computers that were distributed through the BCCR program, upgrade licenses are available. If you're interested in upgrading to High Sierra (v. 10.13), please contact your TC for details.
  • For all other BC-owned computers, email to request an upgrade.

We recommend that you contact your TC for assistance with upgrading to High Sierra (v. 10.13).

Students & personally-owned computers

We recommend you get assistance with upgrading to High Sierra (v. 10.13). Students can bring their computer to the Walk-In Help Desk in O'Neill 316.


How do I get help with High Sierra (v. 10.13)?

If you have issues with High Sierra (v. 10.13), contact the Help Center (617-552-4357 or for assistance.





















Tip: You should always backup your computer before you upgrade to a new operating system.