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Information Technology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

hardware repair


What can be brought to hardware repair for service?

  • Boston College faculty, staff, and students can bring their personally-owned computers to the Hardware Repair Center during regular business hours. Service rates apply.
  • Hardware Repair does not service personally-owned printers. Read the printer repair policies.
  • Hardware Repair services BC-owned computers. If you suspect that your University-owned computer has suffered a hardware failure, contact the Help Center, 2-HELP (617-552-4357) or your Technology Consultant (TC).

What should I expect when I go to Hardware Repair?

A technician will ask for your computer and contact information to enter into the ITS ticketing system. You will be told at this point if your hardware is still under warranty. You will then be given a print out of the service ticket and told an approximate time for how long it may take to repair.

How long will the repair take?

On average, a hardware repair takes approximately 1-3 business days.

What should I bring with me?

  • Laptop - If you're bringing in a laptop for service, remember both your power cable and the system discs that came with the computer.
  • Desktop - For service of a desktop computer, bring the system discs that came with the computer.

Should I back up all my files before I go to Hardware Repair

Yes, you should always keep a back up copy of all your files, especially before bringing your computer to Hardware Repair. Learn about backup options for your data.

Can I get a loaner laptop while mine is being repaired?

Hardware Repair has a limited number of laptops available for loan while your computer is being repaired. You can request a loaner when you drop off your computer for repair. Loaners may not be available during peak times, such as the beginning or end of a semester or during exams. The laptop loaner will not be an exact replica of your computer, but will provide you with access to the web, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

What is the policy for printer repair?

Hardware Repair does not service personally-owned printers.

Hardware Repair will provide on-site service to BC Departments for specific printer models, including HP and Dell networked printers. Contact the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357) or your Technology Consultant to arrange for a technician to come to your department.

Note: The cost of repair services is covered by ITS. Printer Maintenance kits and toner must be purchased by the user's local department.

Hardware Repair does not service inkjet printers. Manufacturers’ instructions should be followed regarding cleaning the printer and replacing ink cartridges.

How can I get help with selecting a new computer or printer to purchase?

Faculty, staff, and students can use this form to request a consultation with an Information Technology Services member regarding the selection of hardware that would best fit their needs. Your submission will be sent to the Help Center who will contact the appropriate ITS staff member to respond to your request.

What is covered under most computer service warranties?

Most warranties cover everything that’s not accidentally or intentionally damaged. Spills to the keyboard or damage to the display are usually not covered by warranty.

  • We recommend you buy a keyboard protector to prevent spills from damaging your laptop.
  • You are usually covered while using your laptop for study abroad. For additional information, visit:
  • If you buy an HP, you are encouraged to purchase HP's "Total Care with Accidental Damage Protection,” which will cover accidental damage including spills.
  • If you buy a Dell laptop, you are encouraged to purchase Dell’s “CompleteCare,” which will cover accidental damage including spills.
  • Some home owners insurance will cover lost, stolen, or damaged computers in their policies. Check with your insurance agent for details (and remember to keep in mind the cost of your deductible vs the cost of your computer).

How long is the warranty on a laptop battery?

As is standard, laptop batteries only have a 1-year warranty.

How do I get rid of old equipment?

For technology equipment (ex: monitors and printers) that does not have data stored on it and has no risk of confidential information being exposed, a member of your department can request pick up and disposal of old equipment by submitting a facilities work order using Agora Portal. This does not require the assistance of a Technology Consultant.

For the removal of any technology equipment that has data stored on it (ex: computers or hard drives), for security reasons, please contact your Technology Consultant. Every Boston College community member has a responsibility to protect confidential data. Learn more about protecting confidential data.