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Clearing Browsing Data (Cookies, Cache, Saved Passwords etc.)

mac and windows

When you visit a website, your browser will save information about the sites you visit to your computer. Stored information includes cache, cookies, browsing history, passwords, and other browsing data. This is done to help the browser load pages faster when you visit the same site again. However, over time your computer might save thousands of files, and this process can actually slow down your computer.

Additionally, this stored information poses a security risk. Cache and browsing history files disclose which websites you have visited in the past. Cookies and saved password files can disclose your passwords or other private information you have typed into web forms.

To ensure this information is protected, and to help your browser function more efficiently, it is a good idea to delete your cache, cookies, history, saved passwords, saved web form information, and other saved browser files, periodically. This way, if your computer ends up in the wrong hands, your private information will not be as easily available.

How to Clear Browsing Data

Learn how to clear your web browsing data in: