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Information Technology Services

Software and Hardware

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University Tech Acquisition Process for Fac/Staff

Before you sign up for any online cloud service (free or paid), or before you purchase any new software or hardware, for your department, you must complete the University Tech Acquisition process. Learn more at (BC sign-in required)

Beta Software

There are risks associated with using beta software because it is not the officially released version. With beta software, expect to find bugs ranging from minor features that don't work to issues that crash your computer. Before choosing to use beta software, decide whether the benefit of new features outweighs the risk of program instability.

What does BC Recommend?

BC ITS does not support beta software and does not recommend using beta software as your primary operating system or for software that is critical for you.


Stay Secure - Update Adobe Acrobat: Be sure to keep Adobe Acrobat up-to-date with the latest patches and security features. Learn how to update Acrobat from Adobe.