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Information Technology Services

Backup Options for Faculty and Staff


Backup of Large Datasets

If you work with large datasets and the options described below do not work for you, please contact your Technology Consultant, who will discuss and review your needs with appropriate ITS staff members.

Note: To support research, ITS put together a system that includes web, database, and Unix and Windows servers to facilitate collecting, managing, mining, analyzing, publishing, and sharing of large datasets.

Departmental Servers

Store, share, and backup departmental sensitive or confidential data (faculty and staff only). Servers are typically backed up nightly.

Many departments have departmental servers. The capacity and usage requirements vary, depending on the department. For information on servers in your department, please contact your Technology Consultant.

Mac & Windows Automatic Backup

Automatically backup all the files/data stored on your Mac or Windows computer using CrashPlan Backup.

CrashPlan Backup is available to backup the primary computer for each faculty and staff member on campus.

  • Capacity: Unlimited.
  • Benefits: Files and data are encrypted, compressed and stored on a secure, off-site server. Backup is performed on a regular basis and does not require user interaction. Files may be restored through a website.

Learn more about CrashPlan Backup.