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Information Technology Services

For the Entire BC Community


BC G Suite

Faculty, staff, and students have an unlimited amount of space to store files across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google + photos.

Automatic Backup Services

The easiest way to backup your data is using an online service that will do it automatically for you. All BC faculty and staff can backup their data using CrashPlan Backup. There are many commercial automatic backup services available for students online. To find one, search for: 'online backup services'

External Hard Drives

Store files or backup your data. Drives used for backup should be stored at a separate location.

  • Capacity: External hard drives are available in many sizes.
  • Requirements: Requires scheduling or frequent user intervention for up-to-date backups.
  • Benefits: Can expand the storage available on your computer and can backup your entire computer, including the operating system, applications, preferences, and configuration files.

Portable USB Devices (Memory Sticks and Flash Drives)

Store, transport, or backup your files/data. Capacities vary. USB devices used for backup should be stored at a separate location. Invest in a keychain-sized memory stick available at the BC Bookstore or an online store like

  • Capacity: Portable USB devices are available in many sizes.
  • Requirements: Works with both Mac and Windows. Requires an available USB port.
  • Benefits: Very small and portable. Memory sticks and flash drives can be reused many times.