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www2 FAQ

frequently asked questions about the new personal web server


Why are there broken links one my new personal web site?

There could be a number of reasons why your site has broken links.

  • Linking to a file on your local desktop
  • Typo in link code or file name was changed
  • Use of a directory on your site with a shared username and password.

Please call 552-HELP or email if you have questions or need help.

Also, we recommend you use relative links rather than absolute links when referencing content within your site. Learn more about creating relative links.

Where is my website? I don't see anything there.

Try adding "index.html" or "index.htm" to the end of your URL and the content of your site should appear (for example, Note: the URL must be all lowercase.

If this is the case, please copy the index.html file in your directory and rename it "default.html" or "default.htm" and rename all appropriate links in the site. With the www2 server upgrade, all home pages now must be named as such.

Why isn't WebDAV working on my PC?

The native software for WebDAV is not supported on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Please use the WebDAV software, Webdrive, with those operating systems. See instructions for downloading & installing WebDrive on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 system. (This link requires a BC username and password)