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Using FileZilla Server-FTP to Transfer Files via FTP on Windows

web publishing

1. Connect to the BC network using VPN (Virtual Private Networking). If your computer hasn't been configured to use BC's VPN, visit our  VPN Instructions Pages to learn how.

2. Launch FileZilla Server-FTP.

3. FileZilla will open in a window that should look a lot like this.

Filezilla main wizard


4. Click the File menu on the menu bar and select Site Manager. A dialog box will open with several tabs.
On the General tab, fill in:

  • Host field with ""
  • Set the pull down menus to:
    Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
    Encryption: Use plain FTP

    Logon Type: Ask For Password
    (see screen shot below)  
Site_manager (General tab)


5. Click the Advanced tab.

  • Set the Default local directory to "C:" or use the browse button to select a folder on your computer where you will store the files for your local copy of your website.
  • Set the Default remote directory to the path to your web site's root folder. This will start with "/filer/bcedu/prod/data/" and will continue with the parts of your site's URL that you see in a brower. For example if your site were at:  /offices/help/  you would add "offices/help" to your path to make: "/filer/bcedu/prod/data/offices/help".
Advanced tab


6. Click theTransfer Setting tab. Ensure that the Transfer Mode is set on Default.

Transfer Setting Tab


7. Click the Charset tab. Ensure that the Autodetect radio button is selected.

Transfer Setting Tab


8. You can choose to rename the website by clikcking the Rename button on the bottom-left of Site Manager dialog box.

9. Now that you've set up your site, click the Connect button and you'll be prompted to log onto the server.

10. Because you've stored your settings in Site Manager, when you next return to FileZilla you'll be able to connect quickly using the pulldown menu at the first icon on the button bar. The icon represents a server. Remember that before logging onto the server you need to be running VPN on your computer and be connected to the BC VPN network.

11. After you are connected to the BC server, a window like the one below, will open with the lists of all the files on your website, and allows you to upload and download pages.



12. To Download from your website to a folder on your computer:

i) Select the folder from the "Local site" that you want to save the downloaded doccument to. The files (if any) will appear in the area below the folder tree (blank in the screen show above).

ii) From the "Remote site" area, select the folder that contains the item(s) you want to download. A list of all the files in that folder will appear in the area immediately below the Remote screen upon selection.

iii) From that file list, drag and drop the files you want to download in the section to the left of the listed files.


EXAMPLE: In the example below, two files (test-2.html and test3-html) are downloaded from the Remote site (right column) , from a folder called "test" to a local folder on the C drive called "my-site".

transfered items


13. To Upload files to your website, simply reverse the process and drag files from a list in the left column to a list of the target folder in the right column.