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Information Technology Services

Using Fetch to Transfer Files

web publishing

PLEASE NOTE: All BC registered student organization web sites are now required to be hosted on MyBC - not the BC website. More information about MyBC is available online
  1. Connect to the BC network using VPN (Virtual Private Networking). If your computer hasn't been configured to use BC's VPN, visit our  VPN Instructions Pages.
  2. Launch Fetch Fetch Icon
  3. In the New Connection window, enter the following information about the Host Server, your User ID and your password:
    1. In the Host box, type
    2. In the User ID box, type your BC username
    3. In the Password box, type your BC password
    4. In the Initial Folder box, type in the path to your web site's root folder. This will start with "/filer/bcedu/prod/data/" and will continue with the parts of your site's URL that you see in a brower. For example if your site were at:  /offices/help/  you would add "offices/help" to your path to make: "/filer/bcedu/prod/data/offices/help".
      New Connection Window
    5. Click on the heart shaped icon to create a shortcut for your BC website. In the dialog that opens, name the shortcut. This is the label for the link you'll select when you want to connect to your site.
      Favorite Dialog
  4. Click Connect.
  5. This will connect to the FTP server and display your site's files.
    Fetch Folder Contents File Listing
  6. To upload a file, click PUT. This will open a dialog allowing you to select local files for upload. You can also drag a file from another folder on your Mac into the Fetch window and it will uploaded to the folder whose contents are showing.
    Put dialog 
  7. To download a file, select it and push get, or just drag it into the folder on your computer where you want it.
  8. To disconnect from the server, just close the Fetch window. Quit Fetch when you are done transfering files.
  9. Use the Fetch Help menu on your Mac for additional information about using Fetch.