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Information Technology Services

Web Publishing

at boston college

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Websites

Most schools, departments, offices and centers use AEM (formerly Day CQ) web content mangement system to create and maintain their sites on

Independent Websites

A few departments use their own web designs on or their own web servers.

Student Organization Websites

BC Student Clubs are now required to develop and maintain their websites on the MyBC portal. For more information, please contact the Student Programs Office at 617- 552-0050 or by email at

Personal Web Server Sites

All active members of the BC community can create web sites on (Note: you may also want to consider Google Sites as an easier to use alternative for a personal site. Google Sites are available as one of Google Apps for Education choices you have when logged into your BC Gmail acccount.)

Personal Websites

Students, faculty and staff have two options for creating a personal website.

Google Sites

Most people will be best served by using Google Sites. It is easy to use, free component of the BC Google Apps for Education environment and requires no knowledge of HTML or specialized software. Google Sites is available from the Google Apps grid icon (9 grey squares in a square. that appears in the top right corner of your window when using BC Gmail.


Boston College uses Canvas (formerly Blackboard Vista) to supplement the University's teaching and services.

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