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Voicemail via the Web

In addition to listening to your messages on the phone, you can also listen to and manage your messages at This page covers listening, sending, and advanced voicemail options you can control using the web interface.

Logging In

  1. Go to OR log in to Agora Portal and click Voicemail.
  2. For mailbox number, enter the last 5-digits of your phone number (or 6-digits for shared boxes).
  3. For password, enter your voicemail password/PIN (Personal Identification Number).
    Forgot your voicemail password/PIN? Learn how to reset your voicemail password/PIN.
  4. Click Login.
voicemail web login screenshot

The web interface provides many options to manage your voicemail. After logging in, access these options by selecting the tabs in the menu across the right of your screen (see below).

voicemail web menu screenshot

Click the Inbox tab to access these options.

The voice messages that are currently in your Inbox are listed with the most recently received at the top. If there are any urgent messages then these are listed separately, above the non-urgent messages.

  • New Messages: Messages that have not been listened to are listed using a bold type.
  • Saved Messages: Messages that have previously been listened to are listed in plain type.
voicemail inbox screenshot

Working with your Messages

  • To update the message list, click check for new messages.
  • Delete messages: Check the box to the left of the message you want to delete, then click delete above (or below) the column of checkboxes.

Listening to a voice message

  1. From your Inbox, click Voice Message in the Subject column for the message you want to hear.
    A message details screen displays (see below).
  2. Select Voice Message to hear the message.
voicemail listen screenshot

Forwarding a message by email

  1. From the message details screen (above), select forward in the lower right corner.
    An email forwarding screen displays, and the message is an attached WAV file. 
  2. Enter the email address(es) you want to send it to, customize the message (if desired), and then click Send in the lower right corner.
voicemail forwarding screenshot

Saving a message

  1. From the play screen (see below), select the download button.
    You are prompted to save the message, and can rename it.
  2. Select Save.
    Your message is saved to your computer, and, like any other file, will remain on your device until you delete it.
play and download message screenshot

Greeting Selection

Click the Greetings tab to access these options.

Use the drop-down list to select which of your recorded greetings you want callers to hear. Make sure you have already recorded the greeting you select, otherwise the system default will be played instead. Note: Your greetings can only be recorded via phone.

voicemail greetings screenshot

Personal settings (includes email notifications)

Click the Personal tab to access these options:

  • To be notified by email that you have a new voicemail message, enter your email address.
  • To receive an email every time you get a new voicemail, select on next to email notification.
  • To get text transcriptions of voicemail messages via email, select on next to email transcription.
  • You can also change your voicemail password (PIN) on this page.

Be sure to select save (in the upper right corner) after making any changes.

personal settings screenshot

Click the Telephone interface settings tab to choose how you listen to and send messages. Using the default Telephone menu settings is recommended.

Listening Options

  • message retrieval - first in, first out means you will hear your earliest messages first.
  • message headers - choose whether or not you want to hear a summary of the time, caller, etc. before the message is played.
  • new message deletion - choose whether or not you have to listen to an entire message before deleting it. NOTE: If you choose can't delete messages without listening you will not be able to delete a message until you listen to it in its entirety.
  • automatic saving - choosing autosave after listening will keep every message as new until you delete it.

Sending Options

For voice messages you want to send, choose if you want to record the message first, then choose to whom you are sending, or vice versa.

message interface screenshot

Click the Notification tab to access options to be sent a text message whenever you have a new voicemail.

  1. To create a schedule for when you want to be notified, next to notification, select activate schedules below.
  2. To activate the schedule you are creating, click on next to schedule status.
  3. Select the notification level. Selecting Urgent means you will receive messages marked as urgent first.
  4. In primary device, select the service provider for the device you want your messages sent to (Verizion, AT&T, etc.)
  5. In primary number, enter the device's phone number.
  6. Repeat the process if you want to add a second backup device.
  7. Enter the day(s) and start/end times for the notifications. Enter the time using a 24:00 clock (for example, enter 17:00 for 5:00 p.m.).
  8. Click save.
notification screenshot

Click the Alternative numbers tab to access options to allow you to give callers other options to reach you, including:

  • call forwarding number: Any calls received are forwarded to this number (for off-campus numbers, enter the 10-digit number). Note: Be sure to test the setup by calling your BC phone to make sure it works as expected.
  • assistant number: Callers have the option to connect to an assistant (when they press 5).
  • reach-me number: Callers have the option to connect to another number (when they press 3) - another extension or cell phone number, for example.
  • operator number: Callers have the option to connect to an operator (when they press 0) - a main departmental number, for example.
  • caller id: Determines how the incoming call is seen at the number it's being forwarded to. If you set up a call forwarding number, set this at Original calling party to view the number of the caller.
alternative number screenshot

Click the Remote message settings tab to choose how you will receive your voicemails - by phone, email, or both.

  • save messages in mailbox only: your messages are saved in your mailbox and can be accessed by phone or using the web interface.
  • send all messages via email, do not save in mailbox: your messages are sent to you as email transcript with audio attachments (WAV files) and are not accessible in your phone mail box nor the web interface. 
  • save messages in the mailbox and send via email: your messages will be accessible by phone, using the web interface, via email text transcript, and a WAV audio file will be emailed to you.
remote messages screenshot

Creating Distribution Lists

To create distribution lists to send the same voice message to everyone on the list:

  1. Click the Distribution Lists tab.
  2. Enter a number for your list. Use any number you want, as long as you do not already have a list with that number.
  3. Select Create new distribution list.
distribution list screenshot
  1. Enter the 5-digit phone numbers of the people you want to add to the list and select add after adding each number.
    The person's extension and name will display in the list below.
  2. When you have added everyone, click close.
setup distribution list screenshot

Sending Voicemail to a Group (Distribution List)

  1. Dial 2-4006 to access your voicemail.
  2. Press 2 to record the message.
  3. When prompted to send, press 1 ("Enter the number of the recipient").
  4. Enter your distribution list number, then press #.
  5. You have the option to listen to the message (press 1), send to the list (press 2), or re-record (press 4).