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Information Technology Services

Set Up Your Voicemail

bc voicemail

To set up your new voicemail:

  1. Dial 2-4006 (on-campus) or 617-552-4006 (off-campus).
  2. Log in using your 5-digit extension (or 6-digits for shared box) and the voicemail password/PIN given to you by the Help Center [617-552-HELP (4357)].
  3. You will be prompted to:
    • Change your voicemail password/PIN. It cannot include sequential, identical, or adjacent numbers (ex. 12345, 11111, or 14725). See the PIN security requirements (BC sign-in required).
    • Record your name.
    • Record and activate any custom greetings.


Contact the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357) or