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Information Technology Services

Residence Hall Calling Features

On campus student phones have call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way conferencing features at no additional charge. 

For some of these features, you will need to momentarily depress the switchhook or plunger where the handset normally rests. This is the same as briefly hanging up and will allow you to activate the desired feature. Your telephone may have a special button labeled FLASH, or LINK that may be used instead of the switchhook.

Call Waiting

While talking on the phone, you have the ability to answer a second call when you hear a short tone indicating another person is trying to reach you. Call Waiting allows you to put the first party on hold while you answer your second call.

  • When you hear a tone, press the switchook on your phone. You will now be speaking to the incoming caller.
  • Press the switchook again to return to the first call.

Disable call waiting:

  1. Lift the phone handset.
  2. Dial *70.
  3. Hang up.
  4. Call waiting will automatically turn itself back on at the end of a call.

Call Forwarding

Allows you to automatically send all incoming calls to another number on campus (655, 656, 552).

Activate call forwarding:

  1. Lift your phone handset.
  2. Dial *72.
  3. Enter the 5-digit number of the phone you are forwarding to.
  4. Hang up when finished.

Call your own number from your own phone to make sure the forwarding is working.

Cancel call forwarding:

  1. Lift your phone handset.
  2. Dial *73.
  3. Hang up when finished.

3-Way Conferencing

Allows you to have a conference call with two other parties. With this service, you can initiate calls to both parties or add another party to an established call. You may conference any combination of on and off campus phone numbers.  Calling cards are required for long distance calls.

  1. Lift the handset. Dial the number of the first person you want to call.
  2. Press the switchhook on your phone. (This puts the first person on hold).
  3. Dial the number of the second person you want to call.
  4. Press the switchhook on your phone again to connect all parties.