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Information Technology Services

About SIP Phones

Some faculty and staff offices are equipped with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones. This pages provides information on the SIP phones in use at BC.

What is different about SIP phones?

SIP phones plug into a network port instead of a phone port. SIP phones include most of the features currently offered with non-SIP phones, as well as many new functions. You will be able to use the functions you are accustomed to using – you may have to use them a little bit differently.

What new functions are available?

New functions include:

  • A Directory, which enables you to store incoming and outgoing numbers.
  • An Inbox, which stores the numbers of incoming calls.
  • An Outbox, which stores the numbers of outgoing calls.

What is the same?

In addition to having many of the same phone functions (Hold, Transfer, Conference, etc.), you can still check your voicemail using the same number you currently do (617-552-4006, 2-4006 internally), and you can still check your messages online using voicemail via the web. Your phone number will not change because you have a VoIP phone.  

Guides and Tutorials

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