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Google Shared Drives


Google Shared Drives are shared online storage spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device. Shared Drives is a great tool for projects, committees, departments, or other team-related purposes.

Unlike files in My Drive, files in Shared Drive belong to the team instead of an individual. Even if members leave BC, the files stay exactly where they are so your team can continue to share information and get work done.

If you’ve ever used Google Drive before, you’ll find working with Shared Drives is very similar.



  • Management: Shared Drives must initially identify a Shared Drive “Organizer” who will be given “Full access.” This will allow that person to add new members or groups, and correctly manage files and folders (creating, deleting).
  • Ownership: Shared Drives are owned by the domain (Boston College) rather than individuals.
  • Access: Folders and documents stored in a Shared Drive can be accessed by all members of that Shared Drive. Non-team members can be added to individuals files (not folders, at this time).
  • Security: Shared Drives follow the same security guidelines as your BC Google Drive account, and should not be used to store certain confidential data. Consult the Regulated Data Chart to learn what data can be stored in Google Drive.

Request a Shared Drive

Contact your local Technology Consultant to request a Shared Drive.


Learn about Shared Drives

For Organizers

Add Members to a Shared Drive
  • Important: ITS recommends Organizers should give most team members “Edit access” rather than “Full access,” and that each Organizer makes one team member a backup with "Full Access." This allows the Organizer to maintain control over who is added or removed from the team.
  • Learn how to add new Members to a Shared Drive (by Google).
Move Folders from your My Drive to a Shared Drive (special access required)

Some Shared Drive Organizers have requested special access to move folders from their individual My Drive to a Shared Drive. To request this, please contact your Technology Consultant.

  1. Log into Google Drive on a computer.
  2. In the browser window, expand the My Drive and Shared Drives folders to display the My Drive folders you want to move, and the Shared Drive folder where you will put them.
    IMPORTANT: If the My Drive folder is shared (), stop sharing. If you migrate a shared folder from My Drive to Shared Drives, this will re-generate access request emails for every item in the folder.
  3. Once the folder is unshared (), drag the My Drive folders to the Shared Drive folder.
  4. Accept the confirmation message to begin the migration process.​


For Team Members