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Information Technology Services

Google Consumer Apps for Accounts

available to bc faculty, staff, and students

Google Consumer Apps are available to all Boston College faculty, staff, and students. You have the option to use apps such as Blogger, YouTube, Maps, and Photos with your account.

Learn about the differences between Google Core Apps & Google Consumer Apps:

Google Core Apps

  • Google Core Apps are covered by the contract Boston College has with Google. 
  • Boston College owns this data, it is not indexed by Google for advertising purposes, and there are no ads.
  • See an up-to-date list of Google Core Apps, which includes Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar.

Google Consumer Apps

  • Google Consumer Apps are covered by the Terms of Service between YOU and Google. 
  • Google Consumer Apps do not necessarily offer the same accessibility, FERPA, privacy, intellectual property ownership, and confidentiality terms and conditions as when using Google Core Apps.
  • These optional apps have the same privacy policy and terms of service that apply to Google's Consumer products. 
  • Data created while using these apps is not owned by Boston College, is indexed by Google, and may be used for advertising purposes. Use at your own discretion.

How to Access Consumer Apps

Consumer Apps are available in your BC Google account within the Google App launcher grid (upper-right corner):

Google Apps grid


Contact the Help Center at or 617-552-4357 (HELP).