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Information Technology Services

Mass Mailings

email guidlines & policies

First, determine if sending a mass mailing is appropriate:

  • Do not send email to large distribution lists without careful planning and only when absolutely necessary. Email should only be used to communicate with the entire campus during extreme/emergency situations. Alternative methods of communicating with large groups of people include BC Info or one of BC's event calendars.
  • Be careful not to spam other users by sending unsolicited junk mail.
  • Make sure you are authorized to send mass mailings. You should familiarize yourself with BC's computing policies and guidelines before sending a mass mailing.
  • Personal Groups, that you create using Campus Groups, have limited listserv functionality. If you require a monitored and/or a restricted mailing list, request a traditional listserv.


Once you determine that sending a mass mailing is appropriate, here is what you need to know:

  • G Suite limits the amount of mail you can send. The limits restrict the number of messages sent per day and the number of recipients per message. See Gmail's email sending limits.
  • When composing your email, put the email addresses in the BCC (blind carbon copy) field. This way, when someone Replies to All, it will only reply to you and not all addresses in the group.
  • The Production Services department in Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a service that allows designated departmental representatives to send email messages to pre-defined BC groups.


If you suspect abuse of Boston College's email, learn how to report electronic abuse.