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campus groups documentation

Group Types

Each group has available directory information including email address for its members:

  • Courses I'm Taking
    A group of the members of each class in which you are currently enrolled.*
  • Courses I'm Teaching
    A group for each class that you are instructing.* Each group links to the email addresses of all the students in your class. A course group will appear under "Courses I'm Teaching" when registration begins. For historical data related to the courses you teach, please use the "Manage your Courses" function in Agora Portal or the MC03 function in UIS.
  • My Advisees
    A group of all students for whom you are currently listed as advisor. "My Advisees" is automatically updated weekly by the system to reflect any changes in advisees assigned to you.
  • Created by (your name here)
    Personal groups created by you in Campus Groups. They can only contain members of the BC community. These groups will have your BC username as the prefix (example: smithj.committee). These are the only groups that you can update or share with others. Only you can update your personal groups (add or delete members) or share with others or remove access from others. Personal groups have a limit of 400 members, and membership is private (members don't know they are in a personal group and the group does not show up in each members list of groups in the Portal).
  • Shared with (your name here)
    Groups that other BC users share with you. The name of each shared group is prefixed with the username of the group's originator. Only the creator can change the group and its sharing. For your records, you will receive an email receipt each time the group is updated.
  • Administrative Groups (Admin Groups)
    Groups owned by a department and have a limit of 3,000 members. Admin Groups begin with a department prefix (not a username). All group members can view and use the group. The creator is required to designate at least one other person as an administrator of the group who can add & delete members. Note: To create Admin Groups, you need to be authorized by your department. To get this access, contact the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357).
  • UIS Word Processing Groups
    A select number of departments have the ability to create email distribution lists using UIS. These lists will appear in Campus Groups. In UIS, the user can identify who to share the group with. These groups are automatically deleted from Campus Groups two weeks after they are created. Read the mass mailings guidelines before you send an email to a large number of people.

* Updated nightly to reflect enrollment changes. Course groups expire 30 days after the term ends.


Group Expiration Policy (starting November 1, 2018)

Course groups expire 30 days after the term ends.

All other Personal and Administrative Campus Groups also have an expiration date.

  • For new groups, the expiration date will be set for one year from the creation date.
  • If changes are made to a group by the owner/administrator(s), the group is automatically renewed for another year.
  • The owner/administrator will be notified 30 days prior to a pending expiration. They can reset the expiration date for another year by logging into Campus Groups, selecting the group, and clicking the Renew Group button. Note: For Personal groups, you must be the owner of the group to renew it. For Administrative groups, you must be an administrator of the group to renew it.


Using My Groups to Send an Email

When creating the group, select "Emailable." Then, use the name of your group (i.e. username.groupname) and add "" to the end (for example: ""), then add it to the "To," "CC" or "BCC" field of your email. Please read the mass mailing guidelines before emailing a large number of people.

Note: Groups have limited listserv functionality. If you require a monitored and/or a restricted mailing list, request a traditional listserv mailing list.