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campus groups documentation

Administrative Groups

Administrative Groups (Admin Groups) are owned by a department and have a limit of 3,000 members. Admin Groups begin with a department prefix (not a username). All group members can view and use the group. The creator is required to designate at least one other person as an administrator of the group who can add & delete members.

Note: To create Admin Groups, you need to be authorized by your department. To get this access, contact the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357).


When Emailable is selected, it allows you to use the Campus Group you create as a mailing list.

Group Description

The Group Description will appear next to the group name to make it easier to identify your group.

The Group Description must be between 9-200 characters and it can only contain alphanumeric, spaces, and these special characters: . , # & - _ : \ " '

Group Expiration

See Group Expiration Policy.

Group Name

The Group Name you enter will be added to the group prefix to create the Campus Group name (GroupPrefix.GroupName). For example: smithj.searchcommittee OR hr.committee

The Group Name must be between 5-50 characters and can only contain alphanumeric and periods, and the first character must be a letter.

Group Prefix

For Personal Groups, the Group Prefix will be your BC username. If you have other Group Prefixes listed, you are authorized to create Administrative Groups, which use a department's prefix.

Personal Groups

Personal Groups are groups that you create and only you can add or delete members. These groups will have your BC username as the prefix (example: smithj.committee). Personal groups have a limit of 400 members, and membership is private (members don't know they are in a personal group and the group does not show up in each members list of groups in the Portal).  


Personal Groups can be shared after creation, allowing others to see and use the group. Only the group's creator can make changes to the group.