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Information Technology Services

CCURE Card Access Administration

used only by those with rights to adminster card swipe access


The ITS Network Services group coordinates BC ID card access with university departments across campus to ensure faculty, students, and staff have access to secure buildings and locations.  

Campus Groups is configured with the card access system to update door clearances via a BC community members email address, BC ID, or 8-character username. If you have been assigned as an ‘Administrator’ to a Campus Group to grant or remove access to a building or location, follow the instructions below to complete the transaction. 

Once a Campus Group has been changed and updated, the change should take effect within approximately 10-15 minutes.


Please contact Network Services Director Joe Harrington at or (617) 552-8034.

Editing a Card Swipe Access group

  1. Log into the BC Portal.
  2. On the My Services tab, under Common Services, click Campus Groups.
  3. Select My Groups.
  4. Under Administrator Groups, click on the group name you want to edit. Note: Card swipe access groups begin with: "dooraccess"
  5. Add or delete members, as needed.
  6. Save your changes.
    Authorized people will be able to access the area using their BC ID cards, and unauthorized people will no longer have access.