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Information Technology Services

Campus Groups

the group management system

August 18, 2018 Update

Starting on November 1, 2018, Campus Groups owners and administrators will be required to renew groups annually. This process ensures only active groups remain in our system, and inactive groups are purged. In preparation for this requirement, starting August 18, group owners and administrators have the option to proactively renew groups. Learn more about the Campus Groups Renewal Process.


Campus Groups can be used to define a group of people that is available for emailing and for access control. Access control can include filesharing via web-based collaboration and website security. If you are a student or instructor, Campus Groups auto-generates Course and Advisee Address Groups for you. You can share groups you create with other BC community members. Campus Groups is updated automatically and contains the most up-to-date student, faculty, and staff information.

Note that Campus Groups can only include BC addresses. If you want to create a group that includes non-BC email addresses, create a listserv mailing list.

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