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Group Email & Lists

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BCPost (mailing lists/listserv)

BCPost is Boston College's mailing list service. A mailing list, also known as a listserv, is an email-based discussion group that allows members to send an email message to a group of people using a single address. When you post (send) an email to a listserv, your email is sent to all of the other people on that listserv. A listserv can be restricted, which means that only people approved by the list owner can join the list. A listserv can also be monitored, which means that all posts to the list must be approved by the list owner before being posted to the entire list. Learn more about BCPost.


Campus Groups

Campus Groups can be used to define a group of people that is available for emailing and for access control. Access control can include filesharing via web-based collaboration and website security. If you are a student or instructor, Campus Groups auto-generates Course and Advisee Address Groups for you. Learn more about Campus Groups. Campus Groups are a good option if you need to use the group for functions other than just email. However, Campus Groups do not have all the functionality of listservs, e.g. postings cannot be restricted and/or moderated.


Group Email Accounts

Existing Group Email Accounts

If you have any questions or need to change your password for an existing group email account, contact the BC Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357).

New Group Email Accounts

For new groups, you can create a Google Group and use it as a collaborative inbox. The collaborative inbox gives you many useful features, such as assigning incoming messages to group members, tracking status, and categorizing posts so they're easy to find later are especially useful for support or customer service teams.

Learn how to use Google Groups as a collaborative inbox (includes how to set up a new Google Group to use as a collaborative inbox or to add collaborative inbox features to an existing Google Group).

Security Note: For security, any email sent to a BC Google Group is only visible to the members of that group.