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Keeping Your BC Email Address after Graduating

lifetime email forwarding

Do you want to keep your BC email address after graduating?

With lifetime email forwarding, you can have a BC email address that remains constant throughout your life. This email address is not an email account, but BC will forward email sent to your "" addresses ( & to your non-BC email account. As long as you update BC with your current non-BC email address, you will continue to receive email through your Boston College forward-only email address.

Please remember that access to your saved email, email folders, BC Google account (, and many student services in Agora Portal will not be available after the deactivation process. Note: If you want to keep any of your saved emails, email folders, or contacts, copy them to a non-BC email account.

Learn what happens to your email and other computing services when you leave BC.


Setting up Lifetime Email Forwarding

We highly recommend you set up lifetime email forwarding before your email account is deactivated.

To set up lifetime email forwarding:

  1. Sign in to Agora Portal using your BC username and password.
    Forgot your username and/or password?
    Reset your password and/or request your username.
    Don't have a BC Alumni account in Agora Portal? Please register using the Alumni Online Registration system. Once registered, go to Step 2.
  2. Under “Account and Personal Info,” click Email Services.
  3. Follow the instructions on the web page.
    Note: By default, BC will forward email sent to both of your "" addresses ( &

Learn what happens to your email and other computing services when you leave BC.

Questions about email forwarding for alumni?

Contact the Alumni Online Community Support Assistant at