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Let's Talk Resilience

let's talk resilience
online challenge

Online Challenge - Choose 1 to practice!

  1. Use the 5-Minute Journal (5MJ) exercise, answering the prompt for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night to become more mindful and live with intention

  2. Learn to talk back to your inner critic by recognizing your thought traps and reframing your negative thoughts into more positive thoughts

  3. Fill out the Friends Network survey, then draw your network to get connected with family and friends. Utilizing your support system increases your resilience

  4. Participate in a social media cleanse to filter out the negative, the comparisons, and the need to know everything by setting aside an hour a day to fully unplug, watch this Health Talk to hear how a BC student did this

  5. Watch a Health Talk or Resilience Mentor to hear how others bounce back from adversity and apply to give your own Health Talk here

  6. Attend the Bring Your Own Syllabus (BYOS) event to get organized and feel in control of your semester 

  7. Read about our Bounce Back messages and stop by our office to collect your Resilience Tip Card and an affirmation sticker


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bring your own syllabus event