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Getting organized may be a challenge, but can make a significant impact on your academic achievement and overall general health. Learn how you can become more organized this year with the help of on-campus resources and tips to BOrganized.

According to WebMD, stress is the feeling of having more than you may be able to handle. It is a personal perception, but can be experienced in several ways. Productivity can be ehnhanced as a result, however, too much stress can cause individuals to suffer from headaches and worsening health problems. Manage your stress by getting and staying organized this year. Being organized can help provide you with the mental and physical clarity needed to get through the school year.


Need to get organized? Don't know where to begin? Schedule your Individual Health Plan (iHP) today!

Get Organized & Stay Organized

What are some suggestions on how I can stay organized this year?

  • Use a calendar and/or planner that outlines all of your scheduled commitments, including classes, job commitments, meetings, and extra-curricular activities
  • Write down due dates for academic assignments and financial commitments into a calendar you will see everyday
  • Speak to professors before due dates in order to understand learning expectations
  • Create a to-do list at the beginning of each week remembering to prioritize tasks
  • Schedule breaks throughout the day to eat and reconnect with friends
  • Set small, manageable goals that lead up to bigger objectives
  • Stick to a plan and edit only when necessary
  • Keep your study space free from clutter or items that may cause distraction
  • Save and organize important items such as class notes and financial documents
  • Take inventory of your belongings once in a while
  • Recognize when your plan is no longer working to your advantage and reevaluate your BOrganized strategies
  • Request a meeting with an OHP staff member to develop your personal iHP (Individual Health Plan)

Conquering Procrastination

"I procrastinate on occasion. What can I do in order to improve my study habits?"

Reflect on your past experiences of procrastination and ask yourself these questions:

  • What prevented me from working on this earlier?
  • Why did I procrastinate?
  • What were the consequences?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • What strategies can I use that will work for me?

Useful Strategies

  • Prioritize your work according to time constraints and level of importance
  • Break tasks into smaller ones and complete them by earlier deadlines you create 
  • Allocate more time to ensure satisfactory completion of assignments
  • Build a support group of peers and mentors that will serve as encouragement during stressful times

Find which strategies work best for you and stick with them.

Study Space on Campus    

Looking for a new place to study? Check out these spaces on campus!

Study Space in BC Libraries 

O'Neill Library

Bapst Art Library

Educational Resource Center

Social Work Library

Campus Technology Resource Center (CTRC)

(click here for library hours)

Alternative Late Night Study Space

Hillside Cafe

The Chocolate Bar

The Cabaret Room

The O'Connell House

Residence Hall Lounges

Unoccupied Classrooms

(click here for late study hours)