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Would your closest friends use "genuine" or "authentic" to best describe you? Do you know what your values are and live by them regardless of your surroundings? Having a solid understanding of your true self can enable you to make more confident decisions during stressful times, but getting to that point can be quite a journey. Learn how you can BAuthentic with the help of reflection strategies such as journaling and meditation.

BAuthentic Topics of Interest

Authenticity refers to the unchanging, genuine, nature of the self. Knowing what you value and your innermost intentions can provide clarity during stressful situations and allow you to better plan for change.


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The Road To A More Authentic You

Reflection/ Contemplation

Allowing yourself to reflect about your personal values, emotions and inner beliefs gives you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and who you want to become. This process consists of both reflective thinking and contemplation.

Take some time out of your week to pursue this process. Pay attention to the things that are most important to you at the moment and recognize that anxieties, insecurities, and other feelings of doubt do not define who you are. Methods of reflection include journaling, praying, and meditating.

BAuthentic at BC

  1. Use the daily examen, a Jesuit spiritual exercise, for reflection
  2. Join a meeting of Faith Communities & Programs on campus
  3. Speak with your Peer and Resident Ministers in the residence halls
  4. Visit the Multi-Faith Center behind 66 Commonwealth Ave (open daily 7pm-10pm)
  5. Participate in an off-campus retreat 
  6. Join a student club or organization that reflects your passions and values